Saturday, June 16, 2012


Over the past two years as I have taken the required classes for a PhD in Educational Psychology, I have read numerous articles about the benefits of arts education and/or arts-based instruction.  These articles have been used to support the many discussions and directed the focus of my education onto the necessity of the arts in our lives.

Combing the databases, I find that there are many articles that provide needed evidence for those who advocate on behalf of arts in our schools.  Scientific evidence is necessary to those who make decisions and spend taxpayers' money.

Today as I completed one of my last coursework papers, I discussed arts education and public policy.  In the process of writing, I realized how important it is to let people know what the arts do beyond their aesthetics.  As  a result, over the next several months, I have decided to begin posting synopses of the articles I have read for those who are interested.  Hopefully this will provide valuable information for those who need evidence to support their arts programming and arts education  programs.