All The Buzz, An Original Play in 10 Minutes for children. In a garden, two bumblebees compete for the nectar of a lily at the close of the day and get something else. (March 2010)

WINNER: FINALIST YES Summer Shorts 5, Willston, ND.
WINNER: Overall Winner, YES SUMMER SHORTS 5, Willston, ND.
WINNER: Audience Favorite, YES sUMMER SHORTS 5, Willston, ND.

The Rendez-Vous. An Original Play in 10 Minutes. Two office workers independently plan a romantic getaway with their significant others and get a surprise when they find themselves at a little inn in the Finger Lakes and their cell phones get switched. (January 2010)

Personal Foul: A Modern Greek Tragedy for Young Audiences. Using the structure of Greek Tragedy, the play is set in current day cheerleading culture. It explores the topic of sexual misconduct between a teacher and student through a Greek myth variant of Artemis and Orion. (September 2009)

WINNER: St. John Fisher and Spotlight Theatre Arts Celebration of One Acts Festival
November 2011 - Staged Reading, Frederick Lowe Room, The Dramatists Guild, New York, NY

BLOCKED, A Play in Seven Scenes — Original Play, Co-author. Set in an apartment building in Cleveland Heights, a woman journeys from situational poverty to self-enlightenment. The play examines her life and those of her neighbors when the seven Chakras or energy centers are blocked. (June 2009)

TALK OF THE TOWN. - Original Play, Author. At their college class reunion, two former suite-mates talk about one of their old roommates and discover that one of their husbands is having an affair with her. (Summer 2001)

WINNER: Writers and Books - Staged Reading