WORKS - In-Progress

Lecture/Art Song Project - setting Charlotte Smith's epic poem "Beachy Head"

LUCINDA, A NEW MUSICAL about Gender/Species confusion ... with swords ... and magic.
by Y York and Amanda Jacobs

The Up Side of Down, A New Musical by Y York and Amanda Jacobs
In the early 1900s, a ten-year-old bi-racial child goes to live with her white aunt.
Inspired from Eleanor Porter's classic novel "Pollyanna".

Learning How to Drown, An Irish Musical by Patricia Noonan and Amanda Jacobs
A multigenerational musical that explores Love across three generations ... using the myths of the Selkies

L. W.  
Suite for Horn, Violin and Piano
Commissioned by Kestrel Wright, French Horn

Alice in Orchestra-land” An orchestral suite for Young Audiences. Educationally explores the instruments of the orchestra through the musical characterization of characters from Lewis B. Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Discussion takes place between the conductor, Alice, and costumed members of the orchestra.

The Birthday Symphony” Project to explore all instruments of a symphony orchestra interviewing musicians and blogging about the process of composing compositions for the instruments. The project will ultimately culminate in a symphonic work.