Friday, October 8, 2010


Balance: what does this word really mean? When I reflect on it, I can think of several ways to define it. At this moment, balance means to make something equal on all sides. If I don't "balance", then I will fall over --literally or figuratively.

Today, I am talking from a figurative perspective because this week I am balancing multiple projects. This includes finishing the orchestrations for my MASS for the LIVING that premieres in Washington, D.C. this December, extracting parts, printing and binding. Writing music makes me happy, and once I finish the mass, and it is mailed out to my fabulously talented conductor, I have other wonderful projects waiting.

In contrast, there is another HUGE area of my life: my pursuit of my Ph.D.. This week is a big week because I am finishing my first on-line doctoral course and beginning my next two courses. In the course I am finishing, I am writing a paper and saying goodbye to my classmates. In the new two courses, I am at their beginnings, with new expectations and with new academic challenges. The end and the beginning are merging.

I notice that I am happy, so I am examining the parts of my life that are bringing harmony to my creative life and my academic one. Even though I feel stress, I feel good.

Is my creative and academic worlds balanced by my personal life and my yoga practice?

Many of you know that I am teaching yoga in a Pay-What-You-Can YOGA program I designed for PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH. Adding to that two weeks ago,I have designed and am implementing a "FiT-2-SiT" yoga program for people who are older and have limited mobility.

So where is the balance? I think it rests on the fact that I have a wonderful family--a supportive husband and a loving child. My friends-- and especially my writing partner help make everything balanced and right. They keep me human and realistic. They also make me laugh.

With so many things going on, I marvel that I am aware of how I am using every minute of my time. Even taking the time to reflect on how busy everything is makes me feel good because I can see that my life is fulfilling, and filled, and full. At this moment I am balanced. Maybe this means that balance is keeping everything in proportion, like a seesaw ... the foundation my family and the spiritual aspects of my practice.

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