Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Creation Calls Us ...

Life is the time we are given to do what we are called to do. In every breath we take, we have the opportunity to create, to think, or to do.

When I was younger, much of my life was a struggle because I was always trying to be just 'one thing'. I still struggle, but back then, I struggled with the thought that I was supposed to be "just a pianist", because I didn't have the wisdom to recognize that I was much more. Afterall, I could sing ...and compose ... and write ... and draw ... And when I finally accepted the fact that I was multi-dimensional in my capacity to create, that was the day when found I could be happy.

All the Arts complete me. I cannot breathe without doing. I love music. I love making music. I love words. I love creating with words. I love imagery ... Simply put: I love to create beauty. I cannot "be" without creation or creating.

Now I don't have any time to waste doubting who I am or what I can do anymore. I must do it all -- whatever the "all" is that calls me to create.

I must show up.

I must do the work.

Out of necessity, I began composing in 1997 when a boy I knew died. My passion for writing music ignited as I started composing lyrics and music for “DANIEL” -- a musical theater piece that grew from a grass-roots project to a fully staged and orchestrated musical theater production. I emerged as a composer as I learned to compose, arrange, orchestrate and produce my work.

Becoming a composer was a mid-career switch, but I wasn’t convinced I was a composer until NATS chose my "Garden Verses" as a finalist in their 2002 competition. These songs also won the Diana Barnhardt competition (HM 2003) and First Prize (2009) for the Long Island Arts Council competition.

My compositions fit the needs for whatever situation I find myself. During my years as a Music Educator, I composed numerous works for Orff instruments and songs for Elementary and Middle School choruses. At the churches where I have served, I create anthems to meet the needs of volunteer choirs.

Since 1997, I co-wrote "Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, A Musical", which was optioned for Broadway in 2006, and I have written many songs and arrangements for adult choruses. I created original orchestrations for the Ohio Light Opera's revival of Sigmund Romberg's "Maytime", and I continue to explore film scoring.

In December 2010, my "MASS for the LIVING" will premiere its SATB setting with the NIH Philharmonia in Washington, D.C. In March 2011, my new co-written opera, "LILY" will premiere at Eastman’s Women in Music Festival.

So, Creation, you have called ... I hear you ... What's next? ... You want me to do what???

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